Premium Badge Solutions

If you are looking to do away with your vinyl badge holders and get a fresh new look for your show credentials ATS is now offering our vinyl holder free single or double sided TotalBadgePlus™ badge system.  This stock is synthetic eliminating the need for a vinyl holder for support and protection from the elements. 

TotalBadgePlus™ badges are created on our high speed printers that facilitate FastTrack™ auto check-in and badge printing onsite.  So if you would like to eliminate the pre-printing of attendee badges and vinyl holders “kill two birds with one stone” and switch to the TotalBadgePlus™ badge system.

ATS does offer a full range of badge styles, materials, custom design services, and printer types to suit varying applications. 

ATS has a large inventory of Zebra Brand printers which we recommended for those that have high volume attendance or require a variable number of tickets per attendee.  Our systems also interface with standard laser printers that can accommodate custom layouts for single TotalBadge™ style badges, six up, three up, or stock with custom ticket layouts.    For those that prefer a plastic badge ATS also has a large inventory of card printers capable of producing high quality professional ID style badges with barcoding or embedded NFC technologies.