RFID Services

The ATS Long Range RFID system delivers the real promise of RFID technology. This affordable tag used in conjunction with ATS ExpoPro LRP’s (long range portal) allows show managers to monitor attendee movement into and around your exhibit floor or into and out of conference sessions. Monitoring attendees passively without altering their pattern of movement is the goal of conference managers. ATS can help you reach these goals without having to break the bank. 

  • Long range RF tags can be integrated into an existing badge system via the ATS TotalBadgeRF™.
  • ATS TotalBadgeRF™ can be created with standard laser printer or high speed Zebra brand printers.
  • RF portals are extremely efficient allowing attendees to freely move into and out of monitored areas.
  • ExpoProLRP™ systems can be networked to allow remote monitoring in real-tme.
  • Flexible mounting system for readers allows for readers to be mounted using stanchions or tables.
  • Real-Time tracking via ATS Mobile Web App.