ATS offers the most flexible lead tracking system available in the tradeshow industry.  Our ability to provide the technology that suits the needs of your event has been the driving force behind the development of the ExpoPro™ line of attendance tracking equipment. This line of Auto ID equipment combined with ATS in-house programming capabilities allows the creation of custom applications for implementing lead retrieval and attendance tracking.

Standard 2D Barcode

Easily integrated into existing and badge production software, it is the convention industry’s number one choice for lead retrieval. Barcodes can be printed on all badge media types and is the most cost effective of all technologies.

QR Codes 

OR codes can be easily integrated into existing badge production software.  They are great for use with standard lead retrieval equipment and facilitate the use of smart phones and tablets to capture attendee contact information either in-booth at the Expo or other show related events.

NFC-Short Range RFID

Since 2004 ATS has provided NFC enabled badges to facilitate lead retrieval and the tracking of attendance at show related events.  If you want a professional ID style plastic badge embedded with NFC technology or to incorporate a close range RFID tag onto your existing badge ATS has a solution to meet your needs.

RFID-Long Range

ATS can integrate long range RFID tags into existing badge production processes and provide custom badge stock with embedded tags. These badges can be used to passively to track the movement of attendees into and out of show related events using ATS tracking equipment such as our ExpoPro RF™ Portals.