Attendance Tracking

ATS offers a variety of accurate, hassle-free and cost-effective systems to track attendance in and out of continuing education classes, general sessions, the exhibit hall, or even an after-hours party whether you have 100 or 50,000 attendees

ATS works with your in-house IT staff to integrate your chosen technology with your show badge.

The question is: how do you like to track attendance?  

  • ATS hand held and countertop units easily read barcodes or RFID tags on show badges.  Countertop options facilitate attendee self-scanning.

  • One-step operation makes training temporary staff easy.

  • ATS SessionPro™ software assigns name, location and time of each session; attendee names are displayed along with the time and date of each scan.

  • ATS SessionPro™ makes managing tracking equipment easy; units can be switched to different sessions with the simple scan of a barcode.

  • Savings to show management by eliminating equipment overlap.

  • Online certificate website allows attendees to view credits earned and printout a custom designed certificate for display.