Lead Retrieval

ATS lead retrieval systems provide powerful results for Exhibitors, Attendees, and Show Managers.  Fully customizable Options to capture leads quickly and efficiently in booth or at any show related function is our goal.

Enterprise level lead hardware and mobile apps will help your exhibitors not only collect lead contact information in a consistent manner but rate the lead, add notes on the fly, and conduct quick surveys.

For Exhibitors

Sophisticated does not mean complicated. ATS lead retrieval systems are easy to understand from the ordering process to their use onsite.  Our trademark is powerful enterprise level data capture hardware backed by intuitive software design. 

In keeping with our motto “this is first and foremost a service industry” ATS understands that the best lead retrieval technology is only as good as the service exhibitors receive onsite.  This is why we only send trained technical staff to interact with your exhibitors.  ATS wants you to know that if an exhibitor has a question or special request our knowledgeable staff will be able to rapidly respond in a professional manner.

Show Management – Why utilize Lead Retrieval?

Offering a powerful tool like lead retrieval will help exhibitors collect and manage leads at your event.  The data compiled from these units on our online lead portal are provided to show management in graphical form showing statistics such as leads per hour per day, individual company lead collection by hour/day, and drill down capability to determine which booths were visited by individual attendees. 

Having this information at hand immediately following the event will give you a good idea of traffic throughout the show floor and allow you to “ground truth” where an individual has been during your event.

ATS programming staff have a great deal of experience integrating the desired lead technology into existing AMS or badge production systems and look forward to speaking with you about your show.

Attendees - Why will your attendees benefit from Lead Retrieval Services?

Your attendees will not be left out either.  They will receive the benefit of an electronic business card on their badge saving them the hassle of carrying business cards and will receive our ExpoRecall™ e-mail listing the companies they visited during the show.  This e-mail which contains links to each company’s website will act as an archive of their show floor activity.